Broadcast Journalism I Schedule Fall 2017

Mass Communication and Communication Studies Department

Media Center, room 110. Tu/Th 12:30-1:45

***************************Week 15****************************************

Tuesday–Dec. 5

In class editing lab for TV package–due at end of class Dec. 7

Thursday–Dec. 7

Last class–pkg due at end of class

Final Exam on Thursday, Dec. 14

12:30-2:30 p.m.

Final Exam Schedule

***************************Week 1****************************************

Tuesday–Aug. 29

class introductions | syllabus | expectations |

Are you sure you want to go into this business? | the difference you can make


1. Read NN, Chap. 1

Thursday–Aug. 31

**Practice current events/reading quiz**

Chapter 1 discussion: The newsroom | your audience | what makes news | podcasts | more on podcasts | podcast nation

old but interesting


  1. Read NN Chap. 12
  2. quiz Tuesday–current events and chapters–for real
 ***************************Week 2****************************************

Tuesday–Sept. 5

Quiz |ethics discussion for broadcast | review of proper sources | balancing your story| story expectations | Hurricane Harvey Interview | The video | Donald Trump |Journalists Killed 2017

Ethics case study |


  1. Read NN Chap. 7

Thursday–Sept. 7

Chapter 7 discussion — review of broadcast style elements |  broadcast lead writing | covering the storm

In class writing assignment


  1. Pick three stories from the Baltimore Sun website. Copy and past the lead sentences into a word document. Then, rewrite the lead in broadcast style. Make sure you read the entire story to pick your lead! Due at the start of class on Tuesday.
  2. Quiz Tuesday–current events and ch. 7
 ***************************Week 3***************************************

Tuesday–Sept. 12

Quiz |Hurricane Bloopers |Writing the whole story–using soundbites | the radio wrap | script format| theater of the mind | Music and ethics | would you use this? | interesting reading | creating a connection


  • Read this article on podcasting and be prepared to discuss podcasts on Thursday.

Thursday–Sept. 14

Podcasting–what’s up with that?? |invisibilia |This American Life| stown|podcasts


  1. Quiz Tuesday
  2. Proposal for podcast is due Tuesday, Sept. 27
  3. Podcast critique is  due Tuesday, Sept. 19. You will find the assignment on blackboard under “content”.


***************************Week 4****************************************
Tuesday–Sept. 19


**PODCAST CRITIQUES DUE–submit via blackboard** 


Writing practice | The audio recorder | recording problems |audio editing | interviewing |


  1. Read pages 173-176 of your text (on voicing techniques)
  2. Read NN, Chapter 8
  3. Podcast idea due Tuesday, Sept. 26
  4. Podcast due Oct. 18

Thursday–Sept. 21

Putting together your stories.









Review of audio editing| putting together your stories | Using and editing in nat sound | Voicing techniques


  1. Podcast idea due Tuesday, Sept. 26
  2. Podcast due Oct. 18
 ***************************Week 5****************************************

Tuesday–Sept. 26

***Podcast Proposal due***

***No Quiz today!!***

Finish audio stories | voicing techniques


  1. Podcast due Oct. 19
  2. Read chapter 8 in text

Thursday–Sept. 28

Finish Goats Story


  1. Quiz Tuesday over current events and chapter/notes on producing a radio newscast
  2. Make sure you read Chap. 8 in text
  3. podcast due Oct. 19

***************************Week 6****************************************

Tuesday–Oct. 3

**Quiz at start of class**

The radio newscast | split into teams

Thursday–Oct. 5



  1. work on newscasts
***************************Week 7****************************************

Tuesday–Oct. 10


 Thursday–Oct. 12



  1. work on podcasts
  2. midterm Tuesday–study guide on blackboard

***************************Week 8****************************************

Tuesday–Oct. 17

newscast production day–make sure your team is ready to go at the start of class

Thursday–Oct. 19

newscast production day–make sure your team is ready to go at the start of class


  • Podcasts due on Tuesday, Oct. 24
  • Midterm–Thursday, Oct. 26

***************************Week 9****************************************

Tuesday–Oct. 24

Podcasts Due–entire class period to get them edited

Thursday–Oct. 26



Read chapter 6 in your textbook

 ***************************Week 10****************************************
Tuesday–Oct. 31
Writing the TV Pkg.| Shooting video basics | inspiring stories | review of the rules| thinking visually  |


Read Chapter 6 in your textbook

Thursday–Nov. 2

The reporter stand up  | shooting video review| sequencing  |  shoot to tell the story active interview and sequencing example | five shot method | sequencing  | handshake shot | Dog story | recycling


  • Quiz Tuesday on the TV News Package
***************************Week 11****************************************
Tuesday–Nov. 7

**Quiz at the start of class–chap. 6, the package, current events**

Cameras | Shooting video exercise | Editing | cool radio thing | the cameras |shooting

**bring portable hard drives and headphones to class with you!**

Thursday–Nov. 9

Editing review–bring portable hard drives and headphones!!

***************************Week 12****************************************

Tuesday–Nov. 14
Producing the TV Newscast | TV Newscast assignment | Why you need those production cues | Editing review


  • Work on Pkg–plan and schedule
  • Story proposal for Pkg due on
  • work on newscast

Thursday–Nov. 16

Work on Newscasts

***************************Week 13****************************************

Tuesday–Nov. 21

No formal class meeting–work on TV Newscasts with your partners.

Thursday–Nov. 23

No class. Happy Thanksgiving!

***************************Week 14****************************************

Tuesday–Nov.  28

TV Newscasts—-all teams go!

Thursday–Nov. 30

Work day–work on your TV Pkgs. No formal class meeting.