Journalism & New Media II Schedule 

Mass Communication and Communication Studies Department

Towson University

7-Week Schedule Fall 2017

(This schedule is subject to change. Look for updates before every class. If you’re looking for last week’s schedule, check the bottom of the page.)

Class meets M/W 9:30-12:10 in MC 110 
 ****************************WEEK 9*************************************
 Monday–Dec. 4
Workshop for final project.
Wednesday–Dec. 6
Workshop for final project.

****************************WEEK 9*************************************

Monday–Dec. 11

Last class–project due at end of class.

****************************WEEK 1*************************************

Wednesday–Oct. 18

Course welcome | syllabus | schedule | WordPress blog |


  • Review IR, chapters 3&4
  • AP Style Quiz on Monday, Oct. 23  Open book
  • Update your WordPress Blog About section–due by Monday, Oct. 23
  • Portable hard drives: LaCie Rugged | IOmega | Western Digital | EMF recommendations–check if you are an EMF major or minor


***************************WEEK 2*************************************

Monday–Oct. 23

**Quiz: AP Style–open  book **

Review of proper sources|  four pillars of journalism — Accuracy | Fairness| Transparency | thoroughness | journalism ethics

Media Law overview–what are your rights? | ethical decision making | Missing Richard Simmons

Review of the inverted pyramid | proper use of quotes |


  • graded IP exercise on blackboard due Wednesday, Oct. 25
  • Read Chapter 6 in IR
  • Complete assignment posted in “content” folder on blackboard. You will be analyzing a Baltimore Sun article for its use of sources. Due Wednesday at the start of class.

Wednesday–Oct. 25

**Quiz: AP Style–closed book! addresses, ages, time, numerals, money, dates and state names (when to abbreviate). **

The Feature Story | finding story ideas–brainstorming–freeganism | social media| feature story assignment

Feature leads | Learning to love the nut graph 



  •  Write up three ideas for your feature story assignment. This should be typed and each story idea should have justification for why it’s newsworthy and whom you would interview. Due October 30 at the start of class.
  • Quiz Monday on AP Style–addresses, ages, time, numerals, dates, money and state names (when to abbreviate). Closed book!

****************************WEEK 3*************************************

Monday–Oct. 30
**Feature story ideas due**
**Quiz: AP Style–closed book! addresses, ages, time, numerals, money, dates and state names (when to abbreviate). **

Pulitzer Prize winning stories–let’s look at their leads

The body of the feature story | The Wall Street Journal Method | Before Rupert Murdoch | After Rupert Murdoch

Wall Street Journal Method:


  • Practice writing the WSJ method. Due Wednesday–Nov. 1.  Assignment is on Blackboard. Submit assignment  via blackboard.
  • Feature Story Critique due Wednesday–Nov. 1. Submit via blackboard.
  • Quiz Nov. 6  on the elements of a feature story (types of features, leads, endings)
  • Work on feature story–Due Nov. 15

Wednesday–Nov. 1

***final project discussion: our final project: One in 22,000 | One in 8 million | Dancer 

***WSJ practice HW due via blackboard***

In-depth reporting–looking for details | attracting more readers to your story |

Discussion:Details, details.

  •  How to get them
  • How to use them
  • Observation is key
  • Interviews
  • If you liked Mrs. Kelly’s Monster, read this.


  • feature story due — Monday, Nov. 15
  • Midterm Nov. 15
*****************************WEEK 5*************************************
Monday– Nov. 6
**Class Canceled–check email**
  • Work on final project ideas!
  • Work on feature story due Nov. 15

*****************************WEEK 6*************************************

Monday–Nov. 13
 Feature Story due at end of class (but you can have until Wednesday if you need it. You just won’t have class time.)

 Wednesday–Nov. 15

Deeper dive into video: Think about what videos you are drawn to on the web…

Intro to digital video Cameras and shooting | some inspiration | framing the interview | remember that video means movement

| Getting to know the cameras | say no to vertical video

reporter fail |sick of the election | the video sequence

Good video:


  • work on final project–idea due Monday, Nov. 20

****************************WEEK 7*************************************

Monday–Nov. 20

**Story idea due for Final Project**

Editing to tell the story | Edits should tell the story | build to emotional moment 

Why we edit video:

Remove unwanted footage

  • Highlight the best footage
  • Create flow
  • Give your story pacing and mood
  • Tell your story in a compelling way
  •  Good editing has:
  • Natural sound
  • Variety of shots (wide/medium/tight)
  • Steady shots
  • Sequences
  • Shots that tell the story
  • Appropriate pacing
  • An establishing shot
 Try to avoid:
  • jump cuts
  • flash frames
  • unnecessary pans or zooms

video editing tutorial


Editing practice


Wednesday–Nov. 22

No Class–Happy Thanksgiving!

****************************WEEK 8*************************************

 Monday–Nov. 27

Guest speaker 9:30-10:15 | Broadcast Style |Audio Storytelling|

Audio story examples: voting | minibrains | theater of the mind
and practice audio story.


  • Work on final projects
Wednesday–Nov. 29

Audio Stories Due–Class workshop to get them done