If you are interested in pursuing an internship, here are the steps you must follow:

1. Please visit the MCCS internship site to make sure you are eligible. Go through the list of approved journalism internships that is available on that page.
2. You must get your internship approved by our journalism/new media internship coordinator.Right now that person is me. Before you contact me, you should fill out  this internship approval form. Once I have approved your internship,  I will give you a permission code to enroll in my internship section.

Register your internship with the career center

Once you have your internship and are ready to go:

  • Create a learning plan with your on-site supervisor. The form is available here on the Career Center’s website. Turn this completed form into me.
  • Keep a daily journal of your experiences. You can do this in blog form if you’d like. It will ultimately help you write your reflection paper (see below)
  • Keep all examples of your work (or make copies of your work if it is published or aired)
  • Keep track of your hours on a form provided by the university career center. This hours log MUST be signed by your on-site supervisor.
  • Contact me and let me know how things are going. I will require that you meet with me at least once during the semester.
  • Have your on-site supervisor fill out the mid-semester evaluation form. You will hand it in to me at the conclusion of your internship.

At the Conclusion of your internship:

  • Have your on-site supervisor fill out the end of semester evaluation form
  • Have your on-site supervisor sign off on the log of your hours
  • Write a 6 page reflection paper on your experiences. In this, you should discuss the good and the bad, the surprises, what you learned, what you wished you’d known, etc.
  • Compile all your forms and samples of your work and put them together in a binder or folder to turn in to me
  • These must be turned in to me by the start of exams (or if you’ve completed the internship during the summer or minimester, you must turn in your materials at the start of the next semester.)