Spring 2018

Mass Communication and Communication Studies Department

Towson University

 Class meets Tu/Th from 12:30-1:45 p.m. in MC 110

(This schedule is subject to change. Look for updates before every class. Last week’s schedule can be found at the bottom of the page.)


*****************************Week 3***************************************

Tuesday–Feb. 13

******Quiz on broadcast style******

***VO/SOT story proposal due***

CAMERAS!! Shooting review| Shooting sequences | The rules of shooting | look for the moments | Sequencing!! | remember that you are telling a story  | Early Steve Hartman


  •  Start working on VO/SOT–due Tuesday, Feb. 27

Thursday–Feb. 15

More practice with the cameras. Video Scavenger Hunt!

*****************************Week 4***************************************

Tuesday–Feb. 20

Editing! Bring your portable hard drives and let’s dive into Adobe Premiere! Premiere Tutorial | more tutorialsoldie but goodie | weather in California | sequences


  • Work on VO/SOT

Thursday–Feb. 22

The pkg–writing techniques | How writing and editing can make a difference |your package assignment | Thinking visually | shooting your story  | build to the moment |music or no? | Mark Anderson | first viral package | writing tips | be thorough |log that video


  • VO/SOT–due Feb. 27. We will have the entire class period to edit it. Just bring raw video.

*****************************Week 5***************************************

Tuesday–Feb. 27

**VO/SOT due–editing workshop in class**


  • Package proposal due Thursday

Thursday–March 1

**Pkg. 1 Proposal Due**

stand up tipsexamples | Over the top?| Make it work with story |don’t fake it! |Show me! |More on pkgs: Bob Dotson | water main | Because they’re puppies

Standup techniques:

  • Use the scene, don’t just stand with it behind you.
  • Show the audience something they might have otherwise missed.
  • Demonstrate how something works.
  • Be sure that whatever is coming out of your mouth directly relates to what you are doing  with your hands, feet and eyes.

Stand up exercise


  • Work on Pkg. #1

*****************************Week 6***************************************

Tuesday–March 6

More with stand ups  | stand up tipsexamples | Over the top?| Make it work with story |don’t fake it! |Show me!  | Joe Little | one more | life as one man band shoot and edit stand ups


  • Work on package!

Thursday–March 8

Package writing workshop


  • Midterm Tuesday, March 27

*****************************Week 7***************************************

Tuesday–March 13

Pkg. Workshop

Thursday–March 16

Package Workshop–due at end of class

*****************************Week 8***************************************

Spring break!! Enjoy!!

*****************************Week 9***************************************

Tuesday–March 27


Thursday–March 29

Package #1 critiques


  • Package #2 proposal due Tuesday, April 3

*****************************Week 10***************************************

*****************************Week 11***************************************

Tuesday–April 10

Let’s go LIVE — AGAIN!!

Thursday–April 12

The TV newscast–the role of the producer |  example | new software | split into teams | writing teases

newscasts| Skype with Jay

***Pkg. #2 story proposal due***

*****************************Week 12***************************************

Tuesday–April 17


Thursday–April 19


*****************************Week 13***************************************

Tuesday–April 24

tweak newscasts

Thursday–April 26

newscasts in studio

*****************************Week 14***************************************

Tuesday–May 1

package workshop

Thursday–May 3

Package workshop–due at end of class

*****************************Week 15***************************************

 Tuesday–May 8

Exam #2

Thursday–May 10

Guest speaker

*****************************Week 16***************************************

Tuesday–May 15

Last class!

*****************************Week 1***************************************

Tuesday–Jan. 30

class introductions | syllabus | expectations | overview of assignments | NPPA website

Thursday—Feb. 1

Quick review of broadcast style and lead writing | script formatting


*****************************Week 2***************************************

Tuesday–Feb. 6

legal and privacy issues in TV news | ethics of broadcast journalism | alternative factswould you show it? | Is this appropriate?Look lives | inserting yourself into story | be aware that you are a public figure (sort-of)


  • Quiz Thursday on legal and privacy issues

Thursday–Feb. 8

***Quiz on Legal and Privacy Issues***

You never know what you’re going to find

Interviewing:  think about your background | what would you do in this situation? | you never know what you’re going to get  | See this? | Imagine if she’d listened… |

every mic is a live mic | when an interview goes off track


VOSOT Assignment


  •  Story proposal for VO/SOT due Tuesday
  • Quiz Tuesday on Broadcast Style
  • Please bring your SD card byTuesday’s class