Journalism & New Media I Schedule

Spring 2018

Mass Communication and Communication Studies Department

Towson University

Class meets M/W from 9:30-12:10 p.m. in MC 110.

(This schedule is subject to change. Look for updates before every class)


****************************WEEK 4*********************************

Monday–Feb. 19
school shooting coverage–Feb. 14 , Feb. 15 Feb. 16 , Feb. 17 , Feb. 17.2 Feb. 18, Today

More on the body of the story |reporting and interviewing |  When to use attribution |

15 faces assignment

Social Media discussion: Twitter | Tips for Twitter | Twitter in the news |tips for beginners | How the pros use it | |Good Advice | trendsmap | the search | get into a twitter habit | live streaming | facebook | snapchat | instagram

Good writing isn’t just for print.


  1. Midterm Monday, Feb. 24–study guide posted on blackboard
  2. Read Chapter 4 and 5– just the part about covering speeches and meetings
  3. 15 faces assignment due
  4. Tiny Doc Critique due Wednesday, Feb. 21 via blackboard
  5. Work on Newsroom 101 quizzes

Wednesday–Feb. 21

Tiny Doc Critique Due–turn in via blackboard

Should you give your source your questions? |IP Practice | IP with errors | Covering speeches and meetings | Speech story assignment | Speech Story practice | Work Day


  1. Work on Newsroom 101 quizzes
  2. Midterm Monday, Feb. 26–study guide posted on blackboard
  3. work on finding a speech or event to cover

****************************WEEK 5***************************

Monday–Feb. 24


All of AP Style Section on Newsroom 101 due by NOON today.

Wednesday–Feb. 26

A look at the rest of the session |Improving photo composition–bring your cameras with you to class!

Improving photo composition–bring your cameras with you to class! The basic principles:

Get close  | Look for different angles | the golden hour |check out your backgroundyahoo photos

Field Trip:

Using what we’ve learned today, go out and shoot:

  • Tiger in front of Stephens Hall–get an interesting angle
  • A weather shot–show us the rain or early spring
  • A portrait–remember to use rule of thirds and think about lighting


  • Quiz Monday on Headlines/Cutlines/Blurbs
  • Work on speech/event story– due March 12
  • Publish your favorite portrait, still shot of the tiger and news shot to your blog. Write about why you chose each photo. What rules of good photo composition do they follow? Due by the start of class on Monday.

****************************WEEK 6*********************************

Monday–March  5

***Quiz on Headlines/Cutlines/Blurbs***

Your photos– Sarah R. | Makya| Christina

Intro to Audio Storytelling–Natural Sound | Actualities | How to conduct an interview |Audio Editing |  Story Corps Assignment | Zoom audio recorders | Audacity Tutorial


  • Work on speech/event story–due March 12
  • Work on Newsroom 101 quizzes–all quizzes must be done by the end of our last class.

Wednesday–March 7

Audio Editing | Combining audio with video–skills you need for your Tiny Doc.

  • Steady
  • No pans or zooms
  • Try for different angles–Wide/Medium/Tight
  • Clean Audio
  • Hold each shot for 10 seconds

simple editing skills in iMovie

work on Story Corps Project


  • Work on Newsroom 101 quizzes
  • Work on speech story!
  • Work on tiny doc

****************************WEEK 7*********************************

Monday–March 12

**Speech Story Due–workshop in class**

**Story Corps work day**

**Tiny doc work day**

Wednesday–March 14

Exam #2–study guide on blackboard

Tiny Doc workshop

Work on Story Corps, if you’re not finished

****************************WEEK 8*************************************

Spring Break!!!


Monday–March 26
Last class–Tiny Doc due!!! (workshop for entire class period)
All of the quizzes in the Grammar Section must be done by noon today!
MCOM 258 starts on Wednesday, March 28!!!

****************************WEEK 1*************************************

Monday–Jan. 29
Introduction to course | Syllabus | Schedule | Required Materials | Newsroom 101 | Course Expectations | Tiny Doc assignment  
Homework: (For Wednesday)
  • Read IR, Chapters 1 and 2

Wednesday–Jan. 31

Discussion:  How a newsroom runs | Have you ever really looked at a newspaper? |News Values |News Judgment | Reporting ethics

  • grab a copy of The NY Times,  and The Baltimore Sun newspapers. What values do you see being put to use?
  • Jan. .31 is last day to add/drop for 7 week course.
Homework: (For Monday)
  • Read Reporter’s Guide to Multimedia Proficiency, Chapter 2–Start a Blog(3) Register for your blog with wordpress.comEmail me the link to your blog:
  • Write WordPress “about” post. Introduce yourself. Be sure to include a photo of yourself. Remember that you must keep a SEPARATE blog for this class.
  • Bring your AP Stylebook with you to class on Monday

***********************WEEK 2******************************************

Monday–Feb. 5

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Responding to Audience | The NY Times will bring AR to Olympic Coverage.

Newsroom 101 | AP Style |your blog | Middle East Map | Map of the US | Europe

Grammar fundamentals |Top 20 Grammar Mistakes|

Discussion: Using the AP Stylebook: addresses | ages | numerals | abbreviations | dates | states |


  • Start working on Newsroom 101 quizzes–do the practice test first! I will email you when the quizzes are available.


Wednesday–Feb. 7

Media Literacy | Fake News and what we can do about it | test your judgment | Newsroom 101–let’s get started | AR in the Times



  • Newsroom 101 quizzes–you must complete ALL of AP Style Short Overview by Monday, Feb. 12.
  • Read Chapter 3 in your text

****************************WEEK 3*************************************

Monday–Feb. 12

AP Style Short Overview Quizzes must be completed by noon today.

Guest speaker–9:30-10:30


Strong leads:

  • use the essential “w’s”
  • are written in active voice
  • are one sentence long
  • get to the bam or the heart of the story
  • are 30 words or less
  • **In class exercise on writing leads**


  1. Find five hard news leads that you think embody what we’ve been talking about in class.
  2. copy and paste each lead to a word document.
  3. Tell me where they’re from (NY Times, Baltimore Sun) credit the writer
  4. Underneath each lead write a sentence or two about why that lead stood out to you.
  5. Should be submitted via blackboard by Wednesday, Feb. 14 by noon.
  6. Work on Newsroom 101 quizzes–AP Style Section Due by Monday, Feb. 24

Wednesday–Feb. 14

Tiny Doc–Final project–more details|we see them everyday| |My project | couponing |  AJ+ | The Guardian | Grandma Gamer|(final project–due last day of class )

leads practice | The body of the story | The inverted pyramid | Proper quote punctuation and attribution  |


  1. Inverted pyramid analysis –posted on blackboard, due on Monday, Feb. 19
  2. leads practice–posted on blackboard, due on Monday, Feb. 19
  3. Inverted pyramid practice–posted on blackboard, due on Monday, Feb. 19
  4. Midterm Feb. 26
  5. Work on Newsroom 101 quizzes